Presentations and posters (online only)

47. Scientific community needs: FAIR and credible data repositories. The case of MedOBIS Repository and MAPWORMS Project. (poster)

Author(s): Dimitra Mavraki, Kleoniki Kekikloglou

48. Cruise Summary Report databases: the first step for connecting ocean datasets.

Author(s): E. Tel, M.Cobas, S. Díaz-Tagarro, S González- Gil, F. Redono

50. Harmonising seabed substrate data of European Seas – EMODnet Geology (poster)

Author(s): Anu Kaskela, Susanna Kihlman, Aarno Kotilainen, Ulla Alanenm Henry Vallius, EMODnet Geology partners

51. Developing an Information Management Framework for Environmental Digital Twins (IMFe) (recording)

Author(s): Justin Buck, J.Siddorn, G.Blair, J.Blower, D.Boot, A.Kingdon, A.Kloker, A.Kokkinaki, G.Moncoiffe, E.Blyth, M.Fry, R.Heaven, E.Lewis, B.Marchant, B.Napier, C.Pascoe, J.Passmore, S.Pepler, P.Townsend, J.Watkins

52. Automated assessment of the implementation of FAIR principles (recording)

Author(s): Evgeny Vyazilov, Denis A. Melnikov, Alexander S. Mikheev

54. A data system for the Southern Ocean (poster)

Author(s): Petra ten Hoopen, Francesco Misurale, Antonio Novellino and the SOOS Data Management Sub-Committee

55. Portuguese National Oceanographic Data Centre – a path to implement FAIR and CARE principles in national marine data (poster)

Author(s): Paulo Nunes, Tanya Silveira, Sara Almeida, Telmo Dias, Mafalda Carapuço

56. Over 40 years of research data available at the Colombian Oceanographic Data Center (poster)

Author(s): Ruby Viviana Ortiz Martinez, Alvarez Sanchez, Wilder Antonio, Castañeda Rodríguez, Diana Castañeda, Martha Lucero

57. Fisheries data management systems in the NW Mediterranean: From data collection to web visualization (recording)

Author(s): Jordi Ribera-Altimir, Gerard Llorach, Joan Sala-Coromina, Eve Galimany

58. Seabin: Smarter Cities Programs for Cleaner Oceans (recording)

Author(s): Pete Ceglinski, Solomon Wadani

60. Global Seagrass Watch: Cloud Computing for Seagrass Ecosystem Accounting (poster)

Author(s): Avi Putri Pertiwi, Chengfa Benjamin Lee, Alina Blume, Spyridon Christofilakos, Dimosthenis Traganos

61. EMODnet Biology developments contribute to increasing access to published marine biodiversity data (recording)

Author(s): Joana Beja, Leen Vandepitte, Dimitra Mavraki, Tom Webb, Dan Lear, Bart Vanhoorne, Lennert Tyberghein, EMODnet Biology partnership

63. Blue-Cloud, deploying a federated European digital ecosystem for FAIR & Open data and analytical services, supported by a major e-infrastructure (poster)

Author(s): Dick M.A.Schaap, Sara Pittonet Gaiaran, Pasquale, Pagano

64. Controlled vocabularies in support of event logging on observational platforms (poster)

Author(s): Gwenaëlle Moncoiffé, Rebecca Hudak, Petra Ten Hoopen, Thomas VandenBerghe, Jasmine Nahorniak, Alexander Tate, Laura W Stolp, Katie Sue Watkins-Brandt, Danielle E Wright, Alexandra Kokkinaki

65. The practice of citizen science in Africa: A tool for sustainable development (recording)

Author(s): Richmond Kennedy Quarcoo

66. Open Access to GTS – A WIS 2.0 Pilot Project (recording)

Author(s): Kevin O’Brien