The conference planning, programme and implementation is coordinated by the planning and scientific committees

Planning Committee

The Planning Committee will:

  • Agree on the topics (sessions) of the conference
  • Provide scope descriptions for each of the sessions
  • Agree on the format(s) of the conference (presentations, flash presentations, posters, side events,…)
  • Identify target audiences of the sessions
  • Identify communication channels to spread information on conference
  • Publish the calls for abstracts
  • Agree on the report/publication of conference outcomes
  • Collaborate with the Scientific Committee

The planning committee is composed of the following members:

Scientific Committee

The scientific committee will:

  • Review submitted abstracts and decide on accepted abstracts as oral presentations or information packages to share
  • Select keynote speakers and moderators for each Q&A session
  • Provide summary on status of implementation on the recommendations from IODC-I, as well as formulate new and forward looking recommendations as part of IODC-II.

 The scientific committee is composed of the following members: